Thomas Ramsay

Tom Ramsay

Tom has over 12 years’ experience working within the orthotics industry. During this time he has worked both privately and within the NHS and with both paediatric and adult patients.  This has allowed him to gain a breadth of experience in a number of areas including musculoskeletal, biomechanics, paediatrics, scoliosis management, functional electrical stimulation, dynamic movement orthoses and complex neuromuscular presentations such as cerebral palsy or adult stroke.

A strong interest in neurology and biomechanics enabled Tom to develop a keen understanding of how the orthosis would interact when presented with neuromuscular conditions, a challenge which is increased yet further when dynamic movement is introduced. To further this interest, Tom gained a position managing a gait analysis facility looking specifically at the orthotic intervention and how to ‘tune’ or optimise the orthosis, thus not only ensuring optimal function but also that the optimal neurobiomechanical feedback.

These experiences lead to a unique role within an Orthopaedic triage team assessing front of list, foot and ankle patients. He was fortunate to become one of the first Orthotist’s in the UK to gain referrer rights for medical imaging including X-ray, Ultrasound and MRI. In order to support this role, Tom undertook post graduate study, attaining an MSc in Clinical Biomechanics from Staffordshire University, in 2012.

Relocation to Lancashire 5 years ago, afforded the opportunity to work with new materials & technologies. Tom now specialises in bespoke orthotic design, the application of composite materials & the use of intelligent & dynamic componentry ensuring the best possible quality of life for the patient.

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