Why PSP?

We provide specialist neurological rehabilitation for infants, children and adults.  We are one of the most advanced spasticity services in the country with a proven track record of excellent care.  Putting the family at the centre of everything we do, we provide an all-encompassing service with our unique multi-disciplinary team.  Our team of highly skilled health care professionals and medics work hand in hand with you to identify and maximise your client’s potential.  Our clients are infants, children and adults with acquired brain injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord and peripheral nerve conditions.

How We Work

Following an initial assessment, an evidenced based rehabilitation programme is formulated with clearly identifiable goals.  Working with you, the clients and their families we constantly review the goals to make sure the client reaches their full potential.

Our vast experience encompasses families, carers, case managers, rehabilitation professionals, solicitors and insurance companies; with the aim to make sure the best, seamless rehabilitation programme is achieved.



Immediate Needs Assessment

Our professional service also offers Immediate Needs Assessments (INAs) carried out by qualified, experience and skilled rehabilitation professionals.

Our team understands the importance of the need for early identification of an individual’s holistic and multifaceted needs. We pride ourselves on developing effective and early communication between all parties to enable patients to receive timely access to appropriate interventions which will ensure that their long-term potential is maximised.

  •  “The professional team at PSP have always provided my clients with the very best in spasticity treatment.  They develop great relationships with my clients which makes the treatment sessions so much better for all concerned. “

    Case Manager

Case Studies