PSP’s experienced clinicians use hydrotherapy to treat a huge range of neurological conditions, it is used successfully to treat clients with various abilities and rehabilitation goals. It is not necessary for a client to be able to swim to benefit from all that hydrotherapy can offer. Clients can remain seated during the sessions and their heads needn’t go under the water.

Hydrotherapy can improve flexibility, decreases pain, strengthen joints and assists in the re-education of normal movement.

After 10 minutes of hydrotherapy treatment circulation improves and body temperature increases. After 15 minutes, the muscles compensate and become more receptive to passive stretching enabling tissue to be stretched beyond its usual range to allow an improved muscle length during treatment. Stretching also facilitates the removal of waste products and lactic acid.

This form of therapy can be undertaken by a physiotherapist who will adapt the session to make it enjoyable for the client whilst encouraging them to reach their treatment goals in a fun and enjoyable way.

The physiotherapist can work closely with families in order to provide an individualised program that can be carried out by parents or family under the guidance of the physiotherapist.

This form of therapy appeals to many clients due to the buoyancy of the water that helps to decrease pain through weight bearing and decrease any negative influences such as poor balance or poor postural control.


Hydropool 2How can hydrotherapy help?

  • The unique properties of the warm water found in the hydrotherapy pool can improve movement of stiff or swollen joints, provide relaxation, strengthen weak muscles, and alleviate aches and pains. The water helps with both therapy and fitness and is particularly beneficial for those who cannot comfortably rehabilitate or work out on land, as can often be the case with neurological conditions.
  • Hydrotherapy can help to speed up the recovery time after surgery or accidental injury.
  • Hydrotherapy can also be used as part of a treatment package for those with permanent injuries, simply floating, gently moving and relaxing muscles provides freedom, often not experienced before. Some clients may use hydrotherapy to assist with specific movement patterns, reduce spasticity and ease pain prior to progressing to land-based therapy.
  • For children with neurological conditions and cerebral palsy it can be an engaging, stimulating and a multisensory experience. Bringing in both temperature, noise, visual sensations and skin contact.


In addition to the above, hydrotherapy can help to:

Hydropool 1

  • improve mobility
  • reduce pain
  • reduce muscle spasms
  • increase and maintain joint range of movement
  • improve strength in weak muscle groups
  • improve physical fitness and functional tolerances
  • improve movement patterns
  • lead to better balance
  • lead to better co-ordination
  • lead to better posture
  • increase self confidence
  • improve circulation
  • improve respiratory function


Longer term benefits of regular hydrotherapy for children with neurological conditions would include maintaining soft tissue length, mobilising joints, increasing trunk and head control to name just a few. Thereby reducing and helping as an adjunct to help delay onset and reduce impact of secondary problems such as hip dysplasia, spinal contractures and respiratory problems. Along with maintaining a more well balanced immune system due to the increases in circulation of white blood cells.

People Pool

Initial Assessment

Our professional, flexible service begins with an initial assessment which will take place on land, out of the pool, either at home or at one of our clinics. We will then work on a tailored rehabilitation programme that has clearly identifiable goals. We will constantly review these goals to make sure our clients reach their full potential.

We work closely with all other treating practitioners and medical professionals so you can be sure of the best possible care.

Feet PoolHydrotherapy Facilities

  • We have access to specialist hydrotherapy pools across the North West.
  • One-to-one treatment sessions with one of our experienced physiotherapists who will accompany you in the water throughout each session, to ensure you feel safe.
  • A hoist available if required
  • Range of equipment for therapeutic use
  • A poolside changing area is provided. This is suitable for individuals that require assistance with dressing.
  • Our specialist hydrotherapy pool is easily accessible by road and free car parking is provided.

Please get in touch with our friendly advisors today to find out if hydrotherapy would be a suitable treatment for you.