PSP Launch New Weekly Hydrotherapy Sessions at Specialist Centre

18th December 2019

PSP Paediatric Neurorehabilitation are delighted to launch a weekly hydrotherapy session for children and adults, to be led by our team of specialists commencing January 2020. The sessions, set to take place on Monday afternoons, will be based at specialist children and young adult centre Twinkle House in Skelmersdale, Lancashire.

Hydrotherapy is something we have long been keen to promote with our clients, but finding the right facility to be able to deliver a regular session has been a challenge. As with the majority of our rehabilitation services, a regular programme delivers better outcomes than one-off sessions, so having a venue that we know patients can attend on a regular basis, and therefore get the most benefit from, is something we’re delighted to have found.

Hydrotherapy may be recommended for children requiring both short and long-term rehabilitation and can result offer a wide range of outcomes including improved mobility, a reduction in pain and increase and improved strength in weak muscle groups. Children with neurological conditions who undertake longer term hydrotherapy may also benefit from maintaining soft tissue length, increased mobilisation of joints, and increased trunk and head control.

Used alongside a wider rehabilitation programme, the unique properties of the warm water found in the hydrotherapy pool can improve movement of stiff or swollen joints, provide relaxation, strengthen weak muscles, and alleviate aches and pains. Overall, our physiotherapists find that hydrotherapy is an enjoyable form of treatment for clients, encouraging them to reach their treatment goals in a fun and engaging way.

Slots at the Monday afternoon sessions are now available to book onto. Enquiries can be made by phoning 01772 789746 or contacting us here. Each child will receive a one-to-one treatment session with one of our experienced physiotherapists, who will stay with them throughout the duration of the time. A range of equipment for therapeutic use will be provided and a hoist is available if required.

Twinkle House is the ideal venue for us to hold our hydrotherapy sessions, and in addition to the fantastic hydrotherapy pool, the centre also has a wide range of facilities on site for children, their families and carers to enjoy, including a sensory room and café.

For more information on the full range of benefits hydrotherapy can provide, click here.

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