Excellent feedback from happy clients

12th September 2016

PSP excel in providing the very best in client care. But don’t just take our word for it!

 Here’s what our clients say: (names have been changed to provide anonymity)

“Thanks PSP, during yesterday’s visit, mum explained how pleased she was that following Botulinum Toxin treatment Katherine can now sit comfortably in her Peapod so the family are able to sit together in the lounge in the evenings – Katherine previously spent the evenings in her bed as this was the only position she could tolerate. Katherine feels cuddlier since she is less stiff so we are enjoying more cuddles, and increased tolerance to equipment means that Katherine and her older and younger siblings are spending more time together. Lovely to hear how much the Botulinum Toxin treatment has improved the quality of life for Katherine and her family.” Case Manager

“We were really lost and confused about where to turn to to get the best possible care for our son – The treatment from the friendly PSP staff has brought him on leaps and bounds.  Thank you PSP!” Parent

“When I needed urgent help for a particularly challenging client with very complex needs – they provided excellent treatment and couldn’t have been any more helpful.” Case Manager

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