Dr Ram Kumar

Dr Ram Kumar

I am a consultant paediatric neurologist, with 17 years’ experience in paediatrics and the last 10 years in full-time paediatric neurology. I deal with diagnosis and management of children with acute-onset and chronic neurological conditions, both common and rare. This includes: cerebral palsy, spasticity and movement disorders, epilepsy, headache, neurogenetic conditions, and neurological sleep disorders.

My specialist interests and expertise within paediatric neurology are in neurorehabilitation of children with acute-onset and early-onset acquired brain injuries, particularly relating to treatment of increased muscle tone (spasticity and dystonia). I interact regularly with a variety of professionals from various therapy disciplines, education and social care agencies to provide multidisciplinary care for children with cerebral palsy, head injuries, stroke, meningitis, and brain tumours.

I undertake weekly clinics in spasticity and dystonia assessment and treatment in children including performing intramuscular botulinum toxin injections myself, and assessment for invasive treatments provided by neurosurgical colleagues including selective dorsal rhizotomy, intrathecal baclofen and deep brain stimulation.

I regularly do clinics with orthopaedic surgeons, upper limb surgeon and neurosurgeons which gives me insight into the pros and cons of operative treatments for increased tone and its consequences.

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