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17th January 2017

Thanks to the expertise of PSP staff in the teaching of other health professionals in South Africa a young girl is experiencing a new lease of life.

Peter Sanderson Director of PSP and Specialist in Neurological Rehabilitation travelled out to South Africa with colleague Paul McArthur, Consultant Hand and Plastic Surgeon, delivering presentations to GP’s, Physicians and other health care professionals detailing how PSP manage spasticity so successfully. The presentations include practical ‘hands-on ’sessions with real patients in need.

One such session was with Yasmien Khacham a 16-year-old girl who had a brain aneurism while playing a soft ball match. During the session, her right wrist was treated with a Botulinum Toxin injection to treat the spasticity. Just a few short weeks later she now has full motion in her wrist and shoulder. She can now also use her right arm for support functions. The PSP team have shared their expertise allowing Yasmein’s healthcare team to continue the good work she experienced in the session, leading to fantastic results.

She’s over the moon with her range of movement and has written a letter of thanks for the treatment she has received. Read the letter below titled ‘My Journey’.

Peter and Paul presented to groups of medical delegates at Muelmed Spinal Rehabilitation Unit, Pretoria, Hillandale Rehabilitation Centre, Bloemfontein and LIFE Rehabilitation- Entabeni, Durban.

My Journey

IMG_5631 IMG_5632

Peter and Paul treating Yasmien, while teaching a class of medical professionals.

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